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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You and Me , when can we see each other again ?? D:

I freaking miss everything that we did , couldn't the time like slow down when we were together ?? I want to hold you again , what if you find another boyfriend and leave me alone ?? I found happiness in you , you found me and made my life happy , I don't want you to leave me . I want to be the one that you'll tell everything to , I want to be the one to hold you tight when you're scared , FOREVER . I don't want to leave Lick Hung . Now , we can barely see each other anymore :(

I don't know how to maintain our relationship , but I'll try my best to make it go smoothly okay ?? I won't love another , like I said , after I've found you , I never wanted to let you go anymore . So , please love me back . Dear , I need your love and everything to continue surviving . ILOVEYOU . I can't and won't ever let you go because I love you too much . More than words can say .

We graduated already D: I wish that we will have fate and can see each other again , I hope everyday , I could go and meet you up and do everything that we did before , I will hold you tight this time , and never let you go , even till I die . On the full moon , I think I would give you everything that I have , I don't want you to leave me .

I will break these chains that bind me , happiness will find me , leave the past behind me .
Happiness really found me , You are my happiness now , and forever . Baby girl , I hope that you really could leave the past behind you and start a brand new life , I wanna be in your new life , knowing that you can leave the past behind , I think that would really mean a lot to me . But it's okay if you can't , I can't blame you , like I said , it's your choice , not mine .

We can't tell the future , but all I know is I really want to spend my life with you girl , you're my everything . I love you ... :D

Bye . Gtg chat with her .

Sayonara ! :)

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